In case you haven't noticed, the N√ľrburgring is a little busy these days. There are the public Touristenfarhten, the regular endurance races, and the busy manufacturer testing schedules. What to do but build a whole new racetrack?

It's called Bilster Berg Driving Resort, it's just a couple hours north west of the ‚ÄėRing on what used to be a NATO ammo depot, and it's set to open in July. With only 2.6 miles of Hermann Tilke-designed track, it's no neue-N√ľrburgring, but it could be Germany's version of the Ascari Race Resort in southern Spain.

Our drone-happy former adult videographer friend Christopher Kippenberger shot this promo video for Rent4Ring, which normally rents out cars for (surprise) the N√ľrburgring, but is expanding to Bilster Berg. They got together a rally-prepped Suzuki Swift and an Artega GT to go hooning around the not-quite-finished track and it was too awesome not to share.