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Driving The Unfinished Track At Germany’s Newest Race Resort

In case you haven't noticed, the Nürburgring is a little busy these days. There are the public Touristenfarhten, the regular endurance races, and the busy manufacturer testing schedules. What to do but build a whole new racetrack?


It's called Bilster Berg Driving Resort, it's just a couple hours north west of the ‘Ring on what used to be a NATO ammo depot, and it's set to open in July. With only 2.6 miles of Hermann Tilke-designed track, it's no neue-Nürburgring, but it could be Germany's version of the Ascari Race Resort in southern Spain.

Our drone-happy former adult videographer friend Christopher Kippenberger shot this promo video for Rent4Ring, which normally rents out cars for (surprise) the Nürburgring, but is expanding to Bilster Berg. They got together a rally-prepped Suzuki Swift and an Artega GT to go hooning around the not-quite-finished track and it was too awesome not to share.


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Cool. Umm what are those cars?