Driving the new 560 bhp BMW M5 to death

Our friend Nino Karotta, who’s shown us how to live the thug life in a big black Benz and how to become a Formula One driver in one day, is back with a new TV show, and he’s already subjected the new BMW M5 to an unhealthy amount of destructive testing. It’s seven beautiful minutes of visceral V8 noise, consumed Michelins, and enough complex-compound sentences to make your head buzz even if you’re immune to V8’s of the BMW variety.

Note: This is a Hungarian TV show. The English subtitles are a labor of after hours love from the production team. If you’d like to see more episodes here on Jalopnik, let us know in the comments so we can tell the team.

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In all seriousness, the footage is great and the subtitles are much appreciated. If I see more of the same on the site I'll be most pleased. Weekly segment?