Dutch rally driver Rob de Vos and his co-driver Marcel Benning were killed yesterday while racing in a historic support exhibition for the WRC Rallye Deutschland. This simple tribute video is a fitting testament, in that it shows them doing what they loved – rallying.


The 1980 Triumph TR7 that carried the two men left the track after the famous "Gina" jump on the Panzerplatte stage of the German rally. Despite the best efforts of the emergency personnel who immediately responded both succumbed to their fatal injuries.

Lance Rutherford took this photo of the men in their Triumph just as it left the fateful crest:

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Though I obviously cannot speak for the men and their families, and no words can adequately express the condolences necessary at this time, it is perhaps solace that, like Allan Simonsen before them, they were killed in the pursuit of the driving enjoyment that they were so passionate about.


We've lost too many this racing season.

H/t to Anti-Pesto

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