Driver Takes Out Self-Driving Uber In Arizona: Police

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Police say a vehicle failed to yield to a self-driving Uber in Tempe, Arizona on Friday and the two collided, according to reports. The Uber had a passenger and a person behind the wheel inside, according to police, and it rolled onto its side. There were no reported injuries in the crash.

Arizona outlet ABC13 reports that police responded to a wreck on Friday evening in Tempe to find a Volvo from the self-driving Uber fleet on its side. Police are apparently unaware if the person behind the wheel of the Uber was in control of the car or not, and Uber didn’t give much more information in a later statement.


While Uber didn’t immediately respond to ABC15 for comment, the company got back to Bloomberg a few hours later. Contrary to the reported police statements, an Uber spokesperson said the company could not confirm whether anyone was hurt or whether the vehicle had passengers inside.

According to Bloomberg, self-driving Uber vehicles began picking passengers up in Arizona in February. A crash, even if police don’t believe it to be the Uber’s fault for the time being, isn’t the best news for the company—especially with its current record in the news spotlight.

Update, March 25 at 12:36 p.m. ET: An Uber spokesperson told Jalopnik the company is “continuing to look into this incident and can confirm [it] had no backseat passengers in the vehicle.” The car was in self-driving mode at the time of the wreck, no one was seriously injured and the Arizona Uber fleet is grounded while the investigation continues.