Driver Tailgates Driver, Both Shoot And Kill Each Other At Car Wash

Two Michigan men are dead after what witnesses describe as a road rage incident gone terribly wrong. Really, really wrong.

It started Wednesday along M-66 when Jim Pullum of Ionia and his wife and mother were driving to a car wash. Pullum's mother says another driver, later identified as Robert Taylor of Ionia, began tailgating them. At one point, Pullum's mother says, they were being tailgated so close they couldn't see the hood of the car behind them.

Pullum, a mechanic, and his family pulled over at a car wash where his wife got out the car to start washing it. Taylor followed them, they say. After a verbal confrontation between the two men, Taylor shot Pullum.


The shot was fatal, but before he died, Pullum shot Taylor — another fatal shot. Both men died at the scene.

Both men were licensed to carry their weapons, but Taylor once was convicted of carrying a concealed weapon while under the influence of liquor.

Police are still investigating, but let's just agree this is a sad situation all around.

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Tom McParland

And this has been another episode of "When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong" I miss Chappelle