When Tony Deloach crashed into a parked car he forgot about the cocaine-laced rolled bill in his Camaro until an officer found it. Deloach then screamed "I'm high on cocaine!" and tried fleeing on foot. He didn't get far.

It all started around 5:45 am in quiet Columbus, Mississippi when Deloach lost control of his bright yellow 2010 Camaro and plowed into a Kia Sportage parked in front of an unlucky woman's house. The driver wasn't hurt, but both cars were extensively damaged.


Neighbors called police, and when they arrived they found Deloach wandering around the crash site. All was well until they went looking for his insurance and noticed the rolled-up dollar bill in the console. The coked-out Deloach put two-and-two together and, according to The Columbus Packet, made a break for it.

Another officer arrived and, for reasons passing understanding, the cornered criminal screamed out "I'm high on cocaine!" Despite struggling with his handcuffs, the stout police officer pictured above was able to wrestle the man into the car as he, apropos of nothing, interjected "I make $27 an hour, believe that! Ha!"


Deloach was charged with possession, disorderly conduct, possession of drug paraphernalia (the bill?), and DUI. He was driving on a suspended driver's license and had no proof of insurance, so he got tickets for both.

We have reason to believe he does have insurance, as a note posted to the Facebook page of Tony Lilcash Deloach from nearby Brooksville, Mississippi has an update around the time of the crash stating he had a "minor set back" but "thats what insurance is for."


He also claims "thank god for da airbag a nigga would been n dat casket."

If this is the same person, you'll all be glad to hear he's studying "Public Safety" at Capella University. Since it's an online institution, you'll all be glad to know he won't have to drive there. Because as well all know, cocaine and driving don't mix.


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