Driver Running From Police Almost Impales Himself On Railroad Crossing Barrier

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Screenshot: YouTube

Trying to speed away from police that have caught you performing a traffic infraction is generally not a good idea, but it’s especially stupid to try to speed through a railroad crossing barrier. One Mazda driver in Poland learned that the hard way—and almost impaled himself in the process.


The situation took place in the town of Wola Radziszowska in Poland. The Mazda driver did not stop for police that were signaling him to do so and tried to speed away from police instead. Unfortunately, he found a railroad barrier down as a train crossed on the tracks ahead.

But the ol’ Mazda driver was undeterred. He sped past stopped traffic decided to just crash through the railroad barriers before the train arrived.

If this were an action movie, that move would have worked. And in some ways, it kind of did—the driver sped through the crossing just before the train, and the police Kia was forced to stop to wait for the train to pass by.

Unfortunately for the Mazda driver, the railroad barrier pierced through his windshield, which made him a bit of an obvious target for the police. And he almost impaled himself in the process. So there’s that.

You can watch the full clip from PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA on YouTube below. It’s absolutely wild.

As you can imagine, the cops weren’t impressed. The driver of the Mazda was eventually apprehended, at which point he was charged with a whole slew of illegal activity far beyond whatever his first transgression was: reckless driving, endangerment, damage to property, and failure to obey a police officer.


Life came at this Mazda driver real fast. This seems like as good a time as any to say that you, Average Joe, are not a stunt driver, so these stunts probably aren't going to work out.



I had to ram through the arm of a parking booth one time in Germany. I paid for parking and then when I got back to my car at around 11pm, I found that the garage closed and locked the barrier at 10pm. With no recourse to extricate my vehicle, through the barrier I went. My old BMW sustained significant scratches that lived on in the tale of that vehicle, alongside an attempted gifting by a Turkish cab driver in Munich and bribing a German vehicle inspector with a big bottle of whiskey to get the car to pass inspection