Driver Records South Carolina Chevy Dealership Trashing His Camaro

When you take your car to get serviced, how do you know the mechanics aren't driving it like it's a getaway car in a heist movie? This 2010 Camaro SS driver figured out one very clever way: he placed a voice recorder in the car to capture the dealership employees driving and working on the car.

He's probably glad he did — his recording captures audio of mechanics beating the crap out of the car.

According to the video and the description on YouTube, this driver had a gear grinding problem at parking lot speeds and so he took it to Best Chevrolet in Easley, South Carolina. But the audio captures the technicians "cutting ass" in the car at high speeds for 20 minutes and joking about other times they've done the same.


"He drives like a fucking maniac when he gets in one," one employee said to another about the tech who drove the car.

But that isn't the worst part. That comes when the shop is apparently describing how to bill the customer and charge General Motors for warranty work as well.

"If it was me, I'd write this fucker up at him buying a clutch for it... him buying a clutch disk, let them warranty the pressure plate, bill them in on two days later so I'll get paid to put a clutch in it and then get paid to put a pressure plate in it.

Really nice, Easley Chevrolet. We hope this driver's problem gets resolved soon, because it wouldn't look too good for the dealership if this went to court.


Check out some of the responses on the Camaro5 forums. The video is also ranked pretty highly on Reddit at the moment.

Tell us — how should this dealer make the situation right?

Thanks for the tip austin downing!
Video credit William Clark

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I don't see what the big deal is here. Every shop, be it a dealership or even an independent garage has at least 1 employee (if not more) who is going to drive your sports car like a maniac.

Salesmen do it too with the inventory. Is this really news to anyone? It's been happening since cars were invented. They got caught. Big deal. You really think it's going to stop other mechanics from doing it and that you will get a free car out of it from the dealership? You have a small claims court case at very, very best. LMAO at free ZR1 commenters here. You'll get an apology from the dealer, maybe. That's it.