Driver On Drugs Crashes Into Bus Full Of Disabled Kids

In one of those "Just how awful can this possibly get?" stories, a Long Island woman is accused of getting hopped up on the drugs and crashing her Jeep into a school bus full of disabled kids, causing a fiery explosion.

Actually, the good news here is that no one appears to be seriously injured, according to Newsday. Now the driver of the bus is being hailed as a hero for rescuing two kids in wheelchairs before the bus caught fire.


The crash occurred Wednesday morning in Central Islip when 29-year-old Tyajia Anthony hit the bus after crossing the double yellow line, the newspaper reports. Her Jeep Cherokee then caught fire after the crash and the flames spread quickly to the bus.

After the driver pulled them out, two 5-year-old boys and two adult aides were taken to an area hospital. The adults had minor injuries and the children were not hurt.

As for Anthony, the Jeep driver, she was charged with driving while her ability was impaired by drugs and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. News reports don't say what kind of drugs she was on, but it's safe to say she probably shouldn't have been behind the wheel.

Let's be glad this didn't end worse than it did.

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