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A driver spotted in Rochester, New York, has attached the Best License Plate Anywhere In The World to his Ford Focus. May we all aspire to be as creative, thoughtful, lovely, and let's be honest, as beautiful as this driver right here.

Although really I'm not sure if this is creepy or awesome, I am most wholeheartedly leaning towards the latter. You, sir and/or madam, are a true hero of heroes.


I think this will start a new Thing. If you have a Jalopnik plate, I can guarantee a personal shout out from me. Yes, me, your lowly weekend overlord.

Lucky you.

Your shoutout will come in the form of:

HEY [STATE] Jalopnik plate guy! That's a really awesome plate! Boundless respect.

In case that's a bit complex, here's how it looks in practice:

HEY New York Jalopnik plate guy! That's a really awesome plate! Boundless respect.


Of course, you Jalops should all expect this to be the first part of a 50-part series, with potentially more installments depending on Canada. I'll wait for those entries to start flooding in.

So here's to you, New York Jalopnik plate guy. You are a pioneer and an innovator in your field. May your hooning be safe, fun, and full of Jalop-worthy stories and experiences.


UPDATE: Turns out the plate's owner is a commenter and has an awesome project.


H/t to John!

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