Driver Charged With Attempted Murder Explains That It Was Actually 'Attempted Vehicular Manslaughter'

On Friday, video emerged of an orange Mustang slamming into cars and trying to run over pedestrians outside of a school in Las Vegas. The driver, Clay Green, later told police that he’d rammed the vehicle because someone had thrown rocks at his “show car.” Green, who was charged with two counts of attempted murder, also told police that, in fact, it was only “attempted vehicular manslaughter,” according to FOX5. Which is supposed to be better, I guess?

The incident was filmed by at least two people. One video showed it from some distance away:


While another was closer but a bit obscured:

In a long and somewhat remarkable bit of local journalism, Fox5 reported Tuesday that Green told the station that the whole thing started as a “civil dispute” with his brother after his brother took his car without permission, in addition to $5 and a pack of cigarettes. There was also a pregnant woman involved, apparently a friend of Green’s brother. Things got very complicated.

From Fox5:

According to the arrest report, the woman [Green] was chasing after was at a home with Green’s brother. There, he was driving fast and stopped abruptly nearly hitting everyone there. The woman, who was pregnant, told police she was upset and yelled at Green. That’s when he turned his attention on her and started chasing her through the neighborhood. The woman said she didn’t know Green, other than that he was her friend’s brother.

During his pursuit, the woman fell, and another woman in a van got out and helped her up. When the woman Green was chasing saw there were kids in the van, she said she wouldn’t get inside because Green was going to hit it with his car, the report said.

The woman saw a man in a car nearby and asked for his help. While she was trying to get in his car, Green slammed into the driver’s side of that car. That driver got out of his car and he and the woman started running, circling the van to escape Green, according to the report. Green hit the van, which then hit the man, causing him to fall. The woman then ran toward the school, where Green’s car got stuck.

A security guard pulled Green out of the Mustang and started fighting with him, a witness said. Several school aides then helped pin Green down outside of the car.


Two people suffered minor injuries in the incident, while a third person might have a broken arm.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Green has an “extensive criminal record,” which includes, “felony assault convictions, possession of a gun by a prohibited person and fleeing the state as a fugitive.” He seems nice.


He also, the Sun says, has not asked for an attorney, though, it’s fair to say, he probably needs one.

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