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You know how sometimes you just want your car to smell like a glorious pine forest, where it smells so intensely and fiercely piney that you just have to light up a smoke to really appreciate it all? Why shouldn’t you do that? What should stop you from experiencing this joy? Maybe the fact that doing so could blow up your car, like this poor SEAT owner did in Halifax, UK. Oops.


The owner of the black SEAT, which has now been sort of inflated, was said by West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue workers to have used an “excessive” amount of air freshener, which then ignited when he attempted to light a cigarette, sparking the inner-car explosion that blew out all of the car’s windows, buckled all the doors and the hatch, and even broke windows on surrounding buildings.


The explosion happened while the car was sitting in traffic at around 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon. Incredibly, the driver escaped with only minor injuries.

The West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Twitter feed suggests that “investigations were ongoing,” which I can only assume must mean that they’re trying to figure out if the guy cut an inside-closed-car fart so foul that it necessitated the “excessive” air freshener use.

(via Boing Boing!)

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