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Driver Beats 98 MPH Speeding Ticket By Proving Honda Civic Can Only Hit 85 MPH

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

An English driver has beaten a 98 MPH speed camera ticket by re-purchasing his Honda Civic and paying a firm to test the vehicle. The Civic's top speed as tested? 85 MPH.

21-year-old Dale Lyle was shocked to receive the ticket for going 98 MPH in the mail not only because he has a perfect driving record and no longer owned the car in question anymore, but because his 1.3-liter Honda Civic could barely get up to highway speed, much less do nearly 100 MPH.


The penalty for the ticket could have been a fine of as much as $1,400 and a six-month driving ban.

Dale told the Daily Mail, "'I've never driven my car over the speed limit, let alone at 98mph. It's such a small car I wouldn't feel safe."


Determined to beat the charge, Dan took out a loan to buy the Civic back from his friend, then turned it over to an independent expert who verified the Civic's 85 MPH top speed on Millbrook's high-speed banked oval. The same one used in many Top Gear episodes.

Presented with the results, the Crown Prosecution Service had no choice but to drop the case. Dale will now seek compensation for the $1,700 and many hours of his own time that it took to prove his innocence.

Dale's advice to other motorists? "The video evidence the CPS sent me was just appalling. They are just picking on innocent motorists. It makes you wonder how many people say, "Fine, give me the points", when they are not guilty." Fight the power, Dale. [via The Daily Mail]