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Drinking Caps Off! Storm Or Sabotage?

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Well, we showed up at the studio as requested, and before the time requested and were rip, roarin' 'n ready to go. Unfortunately, the studio we were taping at wasn't — and we didn't make it on to the air tonight. And though the title may suggest it, we've no reason to believe it had anything to with anything but the storms in the area or some other techical difficulty — although you best watch out Mr. Mulally — cause we're hip to your game if it was sabotage. But whatever the reason, whether communication breakdown or dastardly evil plan, it's allright, it's ok, as we've gone and penned what our responses woulda been to all the boys, be they Dylan Ratigan, Phil LeBeau or even the Freep's Mark Phelan. Check out our notes after the jump — and feel free to drink to them, as we'll be sitting here and drinking to them.


Answer #1:

"What was that? Did you ask what will be the strategic impact of Alan Mulally's hire to Ford? Well Dylan, FoMoCo's still got the same issues this week as it had last week, and those problems:

-product mix and pipeline issues;
-costs of doing business like health care and pension liabilities;
-40% of company shares being held by the family;
-and an employee base who understands they're in a crisis, but have no idea how to go from where Ford is here and where the leadership wants them to be;

those will all still be issues next week. My question would be how's Alan Mulally, and his 30 years of experience at Boeing going to help to address those issues? My guess is he doesn't have a heckuva a lot of experience in much of those areas."


Answer #2:

"What's Bill Ford's job gonna be after this move? Well Dylan, my guess is corporate cheerleader. I really don't understand what the term 'Executive Chairman' means — he's kinda like the albatross hanging around Mulally's neck — he'll know it's there, but he won't know why, for how long and what it's gonna do next."

Answer #3:

"What was that Dylan? Did you just say 'Ray, you were right in saying Big Bill Boss' days were numbered?' Yeah, that's what I thought you said."


Drinking Caps On, It's Time For Round IV! Big Bill Boss No Mo At FoMoCo [internal]

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Man if this had happened and Ray had called out Dylan like that, I would've drank every drop of liqour in my house. Then I would have silently slipped into a coma for the next week.