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Dreaming of someday with the 1982 Datsun 280ZX

Most car lovers are familiar with the sensation detailed in this 1982 Datsun commercial, even if the object of their "someday dreams" isn't a 280ZX.


You are in the midst of your daily routine when you catch the sight of a car you just can't live without (cue cheesy 80s music).

You walk around it with a dazed look, making engine noises and trying not to drool on a stranger's beautiful car.


By the time you pull yourself together and realize how insane this behavior appears to the rest of the non automotive obsessed world, you manage to tear yourself away with a promise that may or may not be true. You'll have one too—someday.

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cletus44 aka Clayton Seams

Why the hate? My first car was a 1983 280ZX Auto. I bought it off of some guy who had it in high school in the late-mid 80's. I was the third owner. It was never fast, in fact the only race I ever won was against a gquad cab dakota V6. But dammit it had charm.

Not every car needs to be a fire breathing stripped out track toy to be enjoyed. Sometimes all you need are t-tops, comfy malaise velour bucket seats and a nice girl riding shotgun. That's how I spent my highschool days. Donuts in the snow, racing first gen RX-7's, joining the Z club. This car was the gateway into the motoring community I enjoy so much.

Sure the kids with fox body mustangs and skyline gt-s' were faster, but my car had charm. It looked different the hood opened backwards and had a scoop on it, what more could a 17 year old want? oh and it freaking talked to you I mean come on!

Years later, it succumbed to Canadian rust and developed terminal rust in the unibody just behind the doors. I had to sell. To this day it remains the slowest, most wallowing car I have ever owned. And it is unabashedly my favorite. The car in the pic is almost identical to mine, same color, wheels, tires but mine didn't have louvers.

Cars name was Suzy.