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Dennis Palatov's maniac dp4 super go-kart recently visited Oregon Raceway Park for its first track day. It murdered everything. Spec Miatas? Standing still. Ariel Atoms? Child's play. Here's an exclusive look at the car's first lap.


Having just put the recently complete dp4 on the market, Palatov and crew decided to have a go at ORP and show the car off for prospective customers. Track workers nicknamed it "the Batmobile."


Aside from a short circuit caused by a frayed wire (it was subsequently fixed), the car performed staggeringly well. One potential buyer stepped out of the car after four laps and said "going from the dp4 back to [a] Caterham CSR is like going from the Caterham to a stock Elise." Sorta makes the $25,910 starting price for a kit sound reasonable, doesn't it?

[Source: Palatov Motorsports]

Photo credit: XQSME Photography

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