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Dozens Injured After Lion Air Plane Crashes Into The Sea Near Bali

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

About 45 people were hospitalized Saturday morning after a plane crashed into the ocean near the Indonesian island of Bali.

According to the BBC, the Boeing 737 from the discount airline Lion Air was a domestic flight from Bandung in West Java. While attempting to land it missed the runway and landed in the ocean nearby, cracking its fuselage.


The Associated Press reports that some 45 people were hospitalized for various injuries, but thankfully none of them were serious. Rescuers were able to get 108 passengers and crew members to safety. They described a chaotic scene to reporters:

"The aircraft was in landing position when suddenly I saw it getting closer to the sea, and finally it hit the water," Dewi, a passenger who sustained head wounds in the crash and uses one name, told The Associated Press. "All of the passengers were screaming in panic in fear they would drown. I left behind my belongings and went to an emergency door. I got out of the plane and swam before rescuers jumped in to help me."


The cause of the crash has not yet been announced. Here's another shot of the crash that has been making the rounds on Twitter:

Photos credit AP, fzair via Twitter