What gets 60-miles per gallon, is bright yellow, GPS-guided, has three-wheels, seats two and speaks five-languages? Apparently a GoCar. We had no idea what we were looking at when we clumsily snapped these photos with the world's worst camera-phone. We assumed it was some sort of new killer Google perk. You know, whoever drinks the most Odwallas before lunch gets to hoon around Chinatown in an electric trike. Nope, turns out GoCars are, "the world's first computer-guided storytelling car." Essentially, a GPS-thingy points out places of SF interest. Hmmmm... we wonder. "The Lusty Lady features the best glory holes in all of North Beach. However, they aren't necessarily staffed by females." OK, probably not that sort of interest. Also, we found this on their FAQ, " A: The GoCar will do 35-mph. Note that drivers in San Francisco do not typically drive fast, therefore an average speed of 30-mph or less can be expected while driving." We figure Murilee and I can crack 40mph – at least – on the backside of Fillmore. Make the jump to see the hood scoop of, um, my friend's WRX. He's not a typical driver.

GoCar Tours [gocarsf.com]

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