Don't Worry, We Know Where You Can Get Your Replacement Dymaxion Parts!

It is that time of the week again, time to meditate, reflect and, of course, answer a question sent in to our resident nerds at Jalopnik for Ask A Car Nerd! This is why Friday is the best day of the week, isn’t it? Get excited.

This week’s question comes from a reader who prefers to go by the name, Turbineguy Has a Cheerful Sense of Existential Dread. Weird, but ok. Respect. Anyway, they asked:

Where do I get a replacement headlight for my Dymaxion?

To answer this for you, we called on the nerd who is basically a human encyclopedia of weird cars, Jason Torchinsky. Of course, he knows what a Dymaxion is and has friends over at the Lane Museum who built a working replica of one (because why not?) so altogether, we have your answer. Watch Jason’s response above to finally get the answers you and all our fellow Dymaxion owners out there need!


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Waaaait a minute. The headlight in my Dymaxion is busted too. Could this be recurring issue? Because if it is, I smell a class-action lawsuit against Buckminster Fuller’s estate from Dymaxion owners.