As you know from today's TMS, Ford is using high-res photos and 3D imaging in their Dearborn and Kentucky Truck Plant to make sure the F-Series', the Expedition's and the Super Duty's paint job is a joy to look at. But what about your Mustang or Focus?


The very same question crossed AZRCD's mind, who has a Focus ST with some quality issues:

The paint job on my Focus ST is generously speaking, below average. Many others have had complaints from crappy to unacceptable. I was going to wright a humongous "BULL SHIT!!!" until I read it was only being used on the pick'em trucks. I also, wanted to make a joke comparing the quality of redneck eyesight to the number of redneck teeth, but sadly pick ups are far more prevalent throughout society, so I'll just skip that too.

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Well, I've got some great news for future costumers! In Ford's Spanish factory, they already use the same tech, meaning Europeans can enjoy shiny C-Max MPVs. Later this year, the Louisville, the Chicago and the Oakville Assembly Plants will follow, making Tauruses, Police Interceptors, Explorers, Edges and Flexes roll out with perfect bodies. Well, 82% improved bodies anyway.

As for the Mustang and the Fusion, the Flat Rock and Kansas Plants will follow in the line next year.

I'm afraid no word on the Focus though...

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