Don't Want Your Car Stolen? Buy A Prius And You're Good To Go

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Man, nothing ruins your day like getting your car stolen. I hate when that happens to me! I can't get to work or run errands, and then I have to take hours out of my schedule to go on a vengeance quest against the people who stole it. So inconvenient.


Thankfully, there is now a car that is practically un-stealable: the 2008 through 2010 Toyota Prius. Not because of some advanced anti-theft technology, you see, but because thieves don't want it.

According to this report in Bloomberg, one in 606 Priuses from the years 2008 through 2010 as of late June, compared with one in 78 of all vehicles for those model years. Here's why:

"It's a one-model car; the parts on it won't fit anything else but a Prius," John Abounader, executive director of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators, said in a phone interview. "If you use a Camry, for instance, the engine might fit in another car. On a Prius, the engine is so different because they're hybrid."

See, thieves tend to target cars for their parts, which is why Camry and Accord are almost always at the tops of those "most stolen cars" lists. The Prius' unique parts make it a less desirable target. The theft numbers are shockingly low considering how popular the Prius is. California had the most stolen Prius models, with 1,062 thefts. Florida came in second, with 127, followed by New York, with 111, Bloomberg says.

More good news: the recovery rate for a stolen Prius is 96.7 percent, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau report cited by Bloomberg. Maybe the Prius isn't so bad after all.

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Kit 'Haddy' Iwamatsu

Early (first gen) prii are dropping like flies. Their battery packs are going out. Its a 2000-3000 dollar part. HONESTLY, I am surprised they are not being stolen, as all you have to do is pop the rear hatch, pull two connectors, unbolt 2 wires, undo 4 bolts, and run away with it.