Don't Touch Will Arnett's GMC Pickup

Will Arnett, the voice of GMC, was at GM's Advanced Design Center to see the unveiling of the GMC Granite CPU last week. As an old friend of Jalopnik, he spent some time answering a few questions.


Many in the older crowd at the event last week mobbed Smokey Robinson when he showed up, but the second I spotted Will Arnett I had to run up to him and re-introduce myself. He remembered meeting at an Audi event in NYC a couple of years ago (or at least pretended to) and we went for a walk around the design center to check out what was on display.

Arnett was, as always, both earnest and hilarious. He immediately gravitated towards the GMC Yukon parked along the far wall and started bragging about the vehicle's obvious prowess. I asked him what the rules were for traveling in his GMC and he went from mock-serious to serious faster than falling off a Segway: "Don't touch it, don't lean on it, definitely no food."

And what about the Arrested Development movie? "It's definitely happening... next year."


Is Peter Serafinowicz from Running Wilde really that funny? "Yes, we wrote the part for him."

The conversation went on from there, including bits off-the-record that were hilarious but unprintable. In the end, we parted ways for food, but not before getting Arnett to agree to some shenanigans with him and a GMC truck sometime in the future.


Photo Credit: Scott Nehls

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