Don't Shoot! Man Shot After Crashing Car

Note-to-self, knock before trying to get help if ever in an accident in Southbury, Connecticut. The details are a little hazy, but it appears that a man drove his car down a river bank and broke into the home of John Nagy down the road. We assume the crash victim was looking for a phone or help when he startled Nagy, who then pulled out a gun and shot him. To his credit, Nagy called the police and the victim is currently in stable but serious condition in a local hospital. There are a number of possible scenarios at work here, which we'll explore after the jump.

Scenario One: The crash victim went to the house, maybe partially disoriented, looking for help or a phone. Nagy shoots him.


Scenario Two: The crash victim crashed his car, decided he needed money to fix the car, breaks into the house looking for valuables. Nagy shoots him.

Scenario Three: The crash victim was actually on his way to rob the house when his car went off the cliff, he decided to rob the house and take off with what he could carry. Nagy shoots him.


Scenario Four: Nagy throws oil on the road, waits for someone to crash and look for help. The hapless victim walks into the open house looking for assistance. Nagy shoots him.

What do you all think?


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