Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Moving My Entire House In My Pickup

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Screenshot: TikTok

I have seen some truly impressive furniture stacks tied to the back of pickup trucks before, but nothing will ever top this overloaded Ford F-Series transporting what appears to be the contents of an entire house all at once.


Words escape me. You all just need to see this horror with your own two eyes, from TikTok:

Listen. I’m sure some people have taken the “built Ford tough” slogan to heart—but I cannot imagine that this is what the company meant when it started using it as a marketing strategy. I do not think the executives at Ford ever sat down to consider the fact that, maybe, one day, some absolutely chaotic legend would strap the contents of a house to an F-Series and proceed to send it through some busy streets.

The most awesome (and I mean that in its most literal sense, as in ‘inspiring awe’) part is what we can’t see. Because it’s obvious that there are quite a few cabinets, an oil barrel, some couches, and a few tables strapped onto the truck. But what else is in there? What household eldritch horror are are not able to see because it’s been tied down in the core of this small planet on wheels? Why is there a wheelchair? And dear lord, it might even be possible to count the number of ropes securing this wide load with my own two hands.

This is your reminder that, yes, carrying this much shit on the back of a pickup is in fact a very bad thing! Not only can you do permanent structural damage to your vehicle, but you could also probably stop traffic for hours and crush some other road users under the massive load if one of the ropes were to give out under the weight of an entire goddamn house. So, while I am impressed, I hope no one will ever manage to one-up this Ford driver.



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