Don't Mess With The Nissan GT-R

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Just in case you've bought a new GT-R, but you lack any common sense when it comes to vehicular accessorization, Nissan has included these helpful illustrations in the owner's manual for the JDM version. We're guessing the big X means you're not supposed to put giant fender flares and oversized spoilers on the GT-R. Nissan apparently thinks they got it right on their own, thank you very much. Although someone better tell that to Mine's. The other illustrations have more helpful hints; like how to use a strategically placed cola can to sabotage someone's brakes, or how to push your unsuspecting buddy's GT-R onto a railway crossing. You know, the little things kids these days do for a laugh.

[Cobb Tuning via AutoBlog]



YankBoffin hoons a BRZ

I remember when the 300 first came out and Chrysler was taking measures to discourage dealerships from installing faux ragtop kits on the cars, claiming that it would promote the wrong image for the car. Seems like kinda the same thing as what Nissan is now doing for the GT-R.

It didn't work. I see ragtop 300s all the time now.