Don't Fuck With A Ford Explorer

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As an attentive driver in America, there are certain sets of headlights you learn to look twice at when you see them in your rear-view. Crown Vics, Chargers, Caprices and these days, you better keep the Ford Explorer in mind, too.

Now ideally, you’re a courteous and respectful driver all the time. Right? Good. Then you’ve got nothing to worry about. But all those other jerks on the road would be well-advised to look twice before cutting off an innocuous-looking Ford family SUV.


On second thought, screw that. Instant karma for the win right here.

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Honestly I don’t see what the white Sequoia did wrong; it appears to be stop and go traffic, it also appears there is a left exit or split coming up (watch till the end), the Sequoia signals to move into the lane, there was a white accord directly behind the Sequoia therefore if the Sequoia slows they’re slowing traffic behind them, the Sequoia was going similar speed as the cop, the cop is somewhat in the blind spot of the Sequoia... End of the day the cop can be seen to be trying to close the gap to keep the person out but they kept coming, to be honest the cop is a jerk.