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Don't call the 450-hp Steve McQueen Signature Mustang a Bullitt

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The estate of Steve McQueen and Gateway Classic Mustang teamed up to build the ultimate tribute to his highland green Mustang from Bullitt. It's got a Roush 450-hp V8 small block and trick suspension. All it lacks is a name.


Chad McQueen and the Estate of Steve McQueen can use the actor's name however they want, but they have no rights to use the name Bullitt for their car (that name belongs to Ford). So this Restomod '68 Mustang is called the "Limited Edition 1968 Steve McQueen Signature Mustang."


In an act of trademark infringement-avoidance, the press release goes so far as to say:

"The car's design was based on the famous ride driven by McQueen in his 1968 film, where he starred as a no nonsense San Francisco cop."

Hmm… are we sure they aren't talking about Junior Bonner?


The car's being produced by Gateway Mustang for an undisclosed price, but $150K is a good guess for a starting point.