Oh, the joys of buying a brand new motorcycle. You just spent seven hours signing paperwork in a dealer and having some greasy salesman tell you how you’re going to be the coolest and fastest guy around, and now it’s finally time to leave on your new stallion.

Your heart starts pumping as the scent of brand new leather fills your nostrils when you dawn the jacket and helmet (or in this case full leather suit) that the dealer convinced you to throw in with you financed bike - because who cares it was expensive, it’s only a few extra dollars a month.

They finally pull your bike around and tell you you’re finally allowed to leave, just maybe keep it down to a 150 mph wheelie on your ride home.

The thing they often forget to tell you is that your tires are covered in oil, rendering them incredibly slippery, and that you aren’t Rossi, Marquez, or even De Angelis. Don’t be this guy. This guy is really bummed. The clip below is a few years old, but the lesson is still relevant.