Don't Ask, Don't Tell... Don't Take Car Parts Pics On The Toilet

When you're trying to sell an intercooler, or any car part: DO NOT TAKE PICS OF IT WHILE ON THE TOILET. We didn't think we had to spell that one out, but a forum member at DSMTuners proved us wrong.

WilliamBogner, a 1997 Eclipse GSX and frequnt poster over at DSMTuners, posted photos of this intercooler he picked up with the hopes someone might know if it would fit his car.

Can somebody tell me what kind of intercooler this is and where i could buy piping to have it fit my 2g gsx....I was told it came off a talon i believe. its about 35 inches long and 9 inches it for 40 bucks so figured id try to hook it up. Pics attached thanks.


After numerous questions about the nature of this photo, and a few hilarious photoshops, young William returns to admit the humor of it and then tries to sell it!

lmfaooo. i figured that you all would love it. Cant waste any time on those long shits. But anyway this will not fit on my 2g?? If not anyone want to buy it?

Yeah, dude, your scatological humor isn't as funny as you think it is. Either way, EclipticalGS thinks he's got the right turbo for it:


(Hat tip to Padraic!)



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