Donald Trump, a janky Lamborghini Diablo made entirely out of cheeto dust in human form, once owned a Lamborghini Diablo. Now it’s for sale, uh, again.

The Trumporghini went up for a private sale a year ago for a mere $299,000, as The Drive reported. It’s a Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster, certainly a desirable car (not to mention loud, brash, not particularly good at its job, and a wild throwback to an unloved era), but a lot of the price could be chalked up to its attachment to the Trump name. Its valuation was kind of like Trump’s valuation of himself.

In any case, a year on and the car is back up for sale, in the less-than-glamorous halls of eBay. The price has not gone down. The price, in fact, is yuge.

Also, does the car come with a Trump 2016 sticker covering almost all of the already-tiny rear window? Yes!


Does this car come with vintage 1997 Trump badging? Yes!


But this is barely even a car. This Diablo is a speculative investment. If Trump wins in November, it will be historic. If he loses, it’s just another blowhardmobile. The gamble is up to you.