Donald Trump Gives Rides In Helicopter, Tells Kid 'I Am Batman'

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Donald Trump followed through with his pledge to offer children rides in one of his luxurious helicopters over the weekend. During a campaign stop in Des Moines, Iowa, the billionaire candidate for the U.S. Presidency greeted dozens of children and their parents and took many for rides around the Iowa State fairgrounds.

Just before takeoff, a pint-sized passenger named William (age 9) asked Mr. Trump if he was Batman, which he confirmed in no uncertain terms by saying, “I am Batman.” Could this mean Trump’s custom black Sikorsky S-76 has some previously-undisclosed crime-fighting features? Like everything else related to the 2016 election cycle, only time will tell.


Photo credit: Top shot - Charlie Riedel/AP, Bottom shot - Charlie Riedel/AP

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