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Nothing gets our geek-freak on like survey results, filtered and cross-referenced by demographic group. Now, new such data-on-blogger action is out from Harris Interactive and Kelley Blue Book, under the banner of the AutoVIBES Demographics series of reports. (Is it getting warm in here?) One segment, an analysis of which new cars carry the most buzz-worthiness among consumers, revealed domestic cars are among the most talked about vehicles on the market — with only two imports making the list. We're a bit skeptical, not having seen the methodology, but it's interesting to note that the Dodge Charger appeared as having the most buzz among not only African Americans, but also among consumers considering trucks and those looking at hybrid/alternative fuel vehicles. Hmm. We wonder which cars have the most buzz among the blind.


Most Buzz-Worthy New Nameplates Among Demographic/Vehicle Consideration Groups
(Demographic: New-Vehicle Nameplate Seen as Having the Most Buzz)

Generation Y (Born from 1977-1986): Chevrolet Cobalt
Generation X (Born from 1965-1976): Hummer H3
Baby Boomers (Born from 1946-1964): Dodge Charger
Pre-Boomers (Born 1945 and earlier): Ford Five Hundred
Hispanic: Ford Shelby Cobra GT 500
Asian: Lexus 400h
African-American: Dodge Charger
Luxury Considerers: Mercedes-Benz CLS
Minivan Considerers: Ford Freestyle
Truck Considerers: Dodge Charger
SUV Considerers: Hummer H3
Sporty Car Considerers: Ford Shelby Cobra GT 500
Sedan Considerers: Ford Five Hundred
Hybrid/Alternative Fuel Considerers: Dodge Charger


NOTE: AutoVIBES examined 49 new-nameplate launches in 2005, 25 of which were domestics.

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