Dog Drives Three-Wheel Truck Into Store Because Dogs Are Lousy Drivers

I love dogs. They’re great in so many ways—loving, goofy, loyal, capable, and so many other ways, in a long, glorious list that definitely does not include driving cars. They’re really shitty drivers. That’s normally not an issue, since they’re also usually too broke to afford cars, but it can cause problems like what happened in Taixing City, China, where a dog drove an electric three-wheel truck right into a mobile phone store.


Thanks to modernity’s ever-present eye, we have it on video:

Man, that dog can’t drive.

Luckily, nobody was hurt, and the dog and truck were rolled out of the store. The whole thing seems to have happened because the owner of both dog and truck parked the truck without turning it off, and left the dog to wait in the cab. The dog then stepped on the accelerator pedal, which did exactly what it was supposed to do when stepped on, sending the truck lurching forward.


I’m sure that dog was very, very confused. But he or she’s still a good boy or girl.

(Thanks, Paulo!)

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Yes, everybody knows that cats are the animal companion who drive well.