Does Xerxes5's MGC-GT Put Him In The Pantheon Of PCH Poster Children?

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Back in February, Mad_Science failed to attain the dubious honor of Project Car Hell Poster Child, because the voters felt his 1967 Ford Country Sedan was insufficiently hellish. Today I'm putting up Xerxes5 for PCHPC status, even though that's not what he had in mind when he emailed me in the first place (when I mentioned in the Rue Brittania Edition PCH that I was considering an MGC for my personal Hell Project, he emailed me about his '69 MGB-GT). [xerxes5]


Here's what Xerxes5 wrote me about his project:

I picked up the car in San Jose, it hadn't been run in 20 years. the car had ZERO rust anywhere. totally straight body too. I went though, upgraded the shocks to Spax Adjustable, Put in poly bushings, had master cylinders resleeved, had the brake calipers re-sleeved, Pulled the engine, rebuilt the bottom end, had the valve guides and seats replaced with lead-free variety, oh... got it ported and polished while I was at it. Put on triple Webers (a la Sebring), Tossed the distributor for a new electronic 123 distributor with programmable curves, new alternator, new front wiring harness, recovered dash, upgraded to H4 halogen headlights, replaced the tired stock seats with some full leather corbeau vintage style racing seats. I also have a matching leather cover for the rear, wilton wool carpeting and a complete new panel collection for the interior. What remains is to have the Webers jetted on a dyno, and to repaint and put the interior in.

Does Xerxes5's MGC-GT Put Him In The Pantheon Of PCH Poster Children?

Let's continue the tradition of making PCH Demotivators, shall we? But first, we vote!

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Rob Emslie

That is Awesome! My B-GT was the same color - Buttercup. I don't care what anyone else says, the MGB - C is a rock solid automobile. I mentioned in a post a few months back how mine had been stolen.

We thought we'd never see it again, when 4 months later someone called and asked if we were the owners of the car. It had been abandoned in an area that allowed unlimited street parking and had sat there the entire time. He was interested in the car and was researching the title when he found us.

Well, long story short, We went over there and after sitting for four months, it fired up immediately and ran perfectly.

Thanks for sharing your project. It totally made my day.