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Two of the most acclaimed cars of the past year have to be the Toyota/Subaru twins, the BRZ and the FR-S. While they aren't the fastest or most luxurious cars on the road, they have a fantastic chassis, great gearbox, and some sublime handling that you can drift at the flick of a wrist.

But there have also been people clamoring for more powwwwwweerrrrrr.

Subaru and Toyota have both said that there isn't room for a turbo under the hood of the cars, but as we saw earlier today, that simply isn't true.


There are a number of cars that have a zen about them, like the Mazda Miata and Lotus Elise. Everything works in harmony and the engine's power is a perfect complement for the already divine chassis.

But would a turbo add to the magic of the BRZ/FR-S or detract from it? Is this one of those cars that is already "zen" in terms of a balance of power and handling or does it need more?

Photo Credit: zombieite via flickr

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