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I kind of feel bad for the 252 horsepower Ford Focus ST these days. Over the past couple years it's become almost completely overshadowed by its smaller, cheaper, racier brother the Fiesta ST, and now there's a ton of hype around the upcoming Focus RS monster hatch.


Is the Focus ST doomed to become the forgotten middle child? Does it even matter anymore in Ford's burgeoning hot hatch lineup?


I think it sill matters, and so does the latest video review from XCAR. It matters to the guy (or gal) who always wanted an exotic but now finds themselves in need of a normal car to take them to a normal job with room for two kids and their stuff.

The larger Focus ST excels at that in a way that its little brother the Fiesta ST never can. All that extra space makes a huge difference to the people who need it. Sure, the puckish Fiesta ST is the arguably more "fun" car, but I've driven a few Focus STs and I'll never complain about the loads of turbo torque it offers, or the way it's surprisingly willing to rotate on an autocross course.

You can have your cake and eat it too with the Focus ST, more so than the Fiesta and without breaking the bank as hard as the Focus RS presumably will. Being the middle child isn't so bad.

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