There's a new Mustang coming. Have you heard? Well, it'll be here next year. And it might have secret electronics that help you achieve the perfect burnout.

Our friends at Motor Authority say that they've confirmed that the Mustang's killer app is something called "burnout control," which they describe as "launch control for burnouts."


This is a strange one, since most every single car has its own burnout control right now. Basically, it's a three step system. You turn off the traction control, build the revs, and then dump the clutch, applying braking as desired.

Boom, burnout control.

It's not clear yet how the Mustang's burnout control would work, but I'd guess it might apply just the right amount of braking to make your tires toastier for longer.

I've sent an email to Ford to see if they'll confirm that Mustang owners can now use an app to do a burnout. (UPDATE: A Ford spokesperson has told me they "don't have much to say at this point.")

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