Does An iPad Work With Ford Sync?

Today we answer the question asked by countless dozens — does an iPad work with a Sync-enabled Ford vehicle?


The answer is sorta. As Alan Hall, head of PR for all Ford nerdy stuff, found this week, the iPad won't connect to Sync via USB. But, it will stream audio over Bluetooth. Unfortunately, that's pretty useless, as Pandora and other apps like it require internet access via WiFi. So, you won't be drivin' down the road boppin' to Bluetooth-streamed tunes — unless you've got an onboard WiFi hotspot.

Watch the video to see the magic happen.

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So here's what I've got:

It's too big for a pocket (and possibly a glovebox), I can't connect it to other stuff in my car, I can't use it as an uber-GPS because I need to wait for the 3G version and pay more for it as well as paying for a monthly data plan which I am already paying for either at home or on another mobile device, I can't mount it on the dash because it'll block 1/3 of my vision, I can't use it with one hand (because I need to hold it due to aforementioned dash mounting issue) and it costs as much as a smartphone that can do everything it can't.

Or I can:

Use a map, listen to CDs, keep my eyes on the road, enjoy the scenery/drive, talk to people in the vehicle, indulge my mind in solitude, sing, keep my money in my wallet.

One day, when people find a real solution to this whole 'transportation' debacle, whether it be through teleportation or vehicles that drive themselves in an orderly fashion to destinations of their occupants' choice on proprietary infrastructure; one day, I will have the roads to myself and my peers, likeminded travellers who enjoy the journey, the experience and the involvement of mobility. I may not live to see that day, but this dream of Jalopnicity will live on so long as there are people who take pleasure in 'getting there' as much as 'being there', even if 'there' is right where we started.

Time to go out for a drive. It's 4:30 AM, and for a short time, I will be king.