There are many crazy Toyobaru engine swaps out there, but this might be the one most true to the car’s original intention. Yes, it involves a V8 made out of two motorcycle engines.

As Speedhunters recently profiled, there’s a Kiwi company that offers a bolt-in kit for the Synergy V8. We’ve seen this engine before, a V8 built out of two 1,200cc Kawasaki Ninja engines rope-tied together for 356 horsepower at 10,300rpm and 200 lb-ft of torque at 8,000rpm. The redline is 11,600.

What’s cool about this swap is it still follows the premise of the Toyobaru twins — something that’s engaging and involved, rather than just brutally powerful.

Take a mountain drive in one in the video below. What a dream.

Photo Credit: Peter Kelly/Speedhunters


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