Does A V8 From Two Motorcycle Engines Make The Perfect Toyobaru?

There are many crazy Toyobaru engine swaps out there, but this might be the one most true to the car’s original intention. Yes, it involves a V8 made out of two motorcycle engines.

As Speedhunters recently profiled, there’s a Kiwi company that offers a bolt-in kit for the Synergy V8. We’ve seen this engine before, a V8 built out of two 1,200cc Kawasaki Ninja engines rope-tied together for 356 horsepower at 10,300rpm and 200 lb-ft of torque at 8,000rpm. The redline is 11,600.


What’s cool about this swap is it still follows the premise of the Toyobaru twins — something that’s engaging and involved, rather than just brutally powerful.

Take a mountain drive in one in the video below. What a dream.

Photo Credit: Peter Kelly/Speedhunters


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