This Burger Is So Good That British Airways Serves It In First Class

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If you've ever flown First Class on an international airline (which I have not), you'd probably expect to receive some of the best service and dining equivalent to that of a four or five-star restaurant. But would you consider ordering a hamburger from among your dining options?


British Airways has announced that they will be adding "The Flying Burger" to their long haul First Class Bistro menus this month. The airline has crafted a unique patty from three cuts of 100 percent British beef - chuck, cheek and onglet (hanger steak).

Mark Tazzioli, BA's chef, said:

"Burgers are experiencing a renaissance right now, with pop-up burger bars and food trucks opening in all the major cities. Burgers are the ultimate tasty satisfying treat and 'comfort food' we crave when flying. It has taken months of trials to ensure we get the perfect texture and succulence, not just for the British palate, but for the hundreds of other nationalities that fly with us. As taste buds are affected at altitude, we have created an original patty, which has proven extremely popular in taste-tests."


The "Flying Burger" will be served on a brioche bun with Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, tomato relish, and pickles. Triple-cooked chips (fries) will also be plated with the burger, apparently arranged so that you can play Jenga while you dine.

I'd like to think that I'd go with something fancier if I were given the opportunity, but then again, a juicy, flavorful burger washed down with a couple of Newcastle Brown Ales doesn't sound like a bad way to way to kick-start a nice food coma slumber on a trans-Atlantic red eye flight.

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Source: Business Traveller

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"British beef" sounds just as reassuring as Chinese dog food or Japanese nuclear safety.