Dodge's New Logo?

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When Chrysler spun-off trucks into their own Ram brand it created a problem for Dodge: The logo is a ram. Our sources claim Dodge plans to kill the "ram" in a new logo that'll likely look like this.

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The new Dodge logo will supposedly, according to our sources and the well-informed crew at Allpar, maintain the shape of the current badge for ease of replacement, but substitute the letters DODGE and a crosshair pattern indicative of the company's crosshair grilles.

Spy photos of the 2011 Dodge Avenger show a similar badge shape — which would seem to verify at least part of our claim.

What do you think? Is this a big step for a new Dodge, or a placeholder until the company resets its identity?


UPDATE: Has Dodge dropped the logo alltogether? The debate continues.

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James K Polk, Napoleon of the South

Look at every other car maker's emblem and tell me which one is better. We're just used to them all so we don't say all anything, but think about if any of them were brand new logos this year.

Chevrolet: What, did Mr Roboto lose his bowtie?

Ford: So... they took a standard MS Word font, spelled out their name, and drew a circle around it? Genius!

Mercedes: Looks like a hippy got lazy with their graffiti lol!

Kia: I got an idea: Let's just spell out the word 'Kia' in block letters and draw a circle around it! Brilliant, and not at all like Ford's logo by the way!

Audi: I suppose that's what the oil spot in your driveway looks like 4 days after you bought the car if were you to park it exactly 2 inches farther to the right each day.

Toyota: Hey guys, look what my daughter drew with her Spirograph!

Acura: Get it? It's like a set of calipers, but it makes an "A"! You know... "A" for "Acura"? No? Anybody?