Dodge Viper Has Best Sales Month In Years After Price Drop

The current Dodge Viper, formerly SRT Viper, is one of the very best cars people aren't buying. Some have said that's because its six-figure price tag was unjustifiable, so Dodge responded with a healthy $15,000 price cut. And guess what? It seems to be working.


Car sales tracking website Good Car, Bad Car notes that dealers moved 108 Vipers in September. That doesn't seem like a lot, and it still isn't, but it's a pretty sizable increase over previous months, where only about 30 to 70 Vipers were sold on average. On the Viper's best month before this one, they sold a mere 97 copies.

The last-generation Viper struggled with sales toward the end of its run as well, selling sometimes less than 10 a month. That means that September was the best sales month the Viper has had in years.

Was it because of the price cut, which dropped the base MSRP to about $85,000 on both old 2014 models and the new 2015s? Probably, yeah. It's certainly a better deal than it was. And with the $79,000 Corvette Z06 on its way, Dodge had to do something to further entice buyers.

Like I said, the current Viper is one of the best and most badass sports cars around, so let's hope this is the start of a nice trend. I'd like to see it be more successful than it has been.


Hat tip to Boldride!

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