Doctors Who Ran Illegal 'Pill Mill' Had A Hell Of A Car Collection And Now It's Up For Auction

I’m not sure how well you follow medical and pharmaceutical-related crime news, but it seems two doctors from Mobile, Alabama, Xiulu Ruan and John Patrick Couch were convicted earlier this year of illegally prescribing narcotics and other drugs—you know, running a pill mill. Both doctors had impressive car collections, and now, after being stored for two years, those cars are up for auction.

Most of the cars are the usual rich-guy fare: some Bentleys, an Audi R8, three Porsche 911s, but there’s some more interesting stuff around, too.


Couch had this nice 1969 Corvette Stingray. This was only the second year of the new C3 body style, and it looks like it’s in fantastic shape. Maybe there’s some pills under the floormats, too.

Ruan’s oldest car is this lovely 1987 BMW M6 coupe; if you’ve been looking for a shark-nose BMW, but were holding out for one that had a former owner with that rare combination of a post-grad degree and a felony conviction, I think we’ve found your car.


Ruan also had some other unusual stuff, like this 2009 Spyker C8 Laviolette—it has only 10 miles on the clock! With such low mileage, this is a great choice if you’re looking to replace your commuter Camry with something a bit more fun.


If the Spyker’s too practical for you, check this out:


A 2006 Saleen S7. Near-motorhome-length but only seats two, this 750 HP monster will very likely be a much more sensible purchase for those of you considering a used Veyron.

You can see everything at the auction site here, which should help you do your planning for the October 21st auction, in Austin, Texas.


Happy bidding!

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