Do Your Neighborhood Cats A Favor And Knock On Your Car Before Starting It

Cats love warm places to lay—like your arms, hint hint—but not all of them have those to lay in. So, they sometimes end up finding warmth under the hood of your car, or wherever your engine happens to be. That can mean bad things if you don’t check to see if they’re in there before you start it up.


Just look at the sweet kittens above, who can perfectly slot themselves into all of the tiny spaces the car provides. An English translation of the tweet by this user, which has more than 82,000 retweets at the time of this posting, is rough and doesn’t explain the situation. It goes like this, if you’re curious: “Ah ah ah ah ah ah what kind of guys you guys ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah.”

A search for more context led Jalopnik to find a few more photos of this group of five kittens on the user’s profile, which seem to be the offspring of a stray living nearby. English translations of the different Twitter conversations the user had about the kittens seem to say they were under the hood crying when found, but it’s strange that they’d all end up there at the same time and that they seem so active in the photo.

Regardless, you don’t want to start your car with all of that sweetness caught inside of it. That’s why there are a few tricks out there to check for tiny animals without having to pop your hood every time, like Nissan’s “Knock Knock Cats” program that encourages people to knock on the potentially warm areas of your car before getting in:

Not all kitties have warm humans to lay on, so be sure to always check your car for them. And maybe volunteer to become their warm, safe human, if you ever find any.

Hat tip to Paulo, for the tweet and video!

Staff writer, Jalopnik



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