Do You Need Anything More Than A BMW 320d?

I have a really short answer to that: no. Chris Harris seems to agree.


I also drove the coupe version to Prague and the less powerful 318d wagon on my way to the Nürburgring, and these cars really manage to tick all the boxes. No wonder everybody wants to beat the 3 Series, with Jaguar being the latest in the queue.

Say what you will about BMW, but they do know how to make a diesel family car.

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So if your 320d got ~40MPG (that’s Imperial gallons, I presume), converting to US gallons that’s 33.3 MPG. On a 600 mile road trip with my wife’s 328i wagon (which even has AWD), we averaged 33MPG. That was fully loaded with 4 people and all our stuff. We just got back from a 2200 mile road trip where we averaged 30MPG, but that’s because we had a 17cu-ft roof box full of camping gear to ruin the aero of the car, the temps through much of our journey were 100+, and we did a lot of high elevation driving (6000+) as well. I just am not seeing the huge benefit to owning the much slower, and more expensive, diesel.