Do You Miss Big Vans?

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The age of the fullsize body-on-frame family van is very much over. Do you mourn its passing?


There's no real reason for the American market to have a trucklike van. Our roads are pretty smooth, all things considered. There aren't many times that a person would be thankful about owning something like an old Astro van as opposed to, say, a more efficient modern Caravan.


But maybe you miss the potential ruggedness of an old big van, V8 and rear-wheel drive and all. Do you long for old school vanning?

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Danger Ranger XLT

No. But I almost miss those big early 90s conversion vans. You know the ones: blue velour captain seats, fake wood paneling everywhere, curtains, and a television with a VCR. My neighbors had one in the early nineties. Those were awesome.