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Do You Like Apples? Watch These Cambridge Idiots Asking To Get Hit By A Train

Elliot Smith plays somberly in the background. Trains don’t care about you or your issues. Robin Williams ain’t gonna therapy you out of getting hit by a damn train, you dummy Cambridge kids. I don’t care that it’s going slow. Just slow down man.


Maybe this is a normal thing in Boston? Maybe this just happens? I don’t see any quad gates. Where are the quad gates? Are you too good for them, Cambridge? Do you like apples? Well, I didn’t get crush-murdered by a train, how do you like them apples?

H/T to Swiftwood

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I’ll be honest. I’ve lived in Boston (and ~2 miles from this crossing in Cambridge near Kendall Square) for 7+ years. I don’t drive within the city (for the sake of my sanity), but I was unaware that trains actually used that track.

I was surprised reading this in the morning that it WAS an active track. I was then wondering why the hell it didn’t have arms that lowered when it was active, considering how active that area can be.

I don’t spend much time in the more southern neighborhoods of Boston, but aside from the Green Line (which is a streetcar system that goes underground), I’m struggling to think of any other active railroad crossings within Boston (or Cambridge) city limits. They’re always entirely segregated from roads.

EDIT: Looking at Google Maps, this really isn’t an active track. It connects to a rail yard near Boston University, but since it would be one helluva detour from North Station, Back Bay, or South Station, it’s likely only used to shuffle commuter rail trains between their main terminuses and maintenance yards, or as a way to route around disabled trains.