Do You Know What A BMW M2 With Performance Package Decals Looks Like?

All photos credit: Justin Westbrook

You may already know what a BMW M2 with the performance package decals looks like. Here’s what it looks like on film, if you are so inclined.

This particular M2 sits in the Classic Car Club Manhattan garage, which is open to the public if you are interested. It does not have the performance parts, just some of the decals.


If you’re in the city, it’s well worth a visit. Pretty cool spot.

Unedited and shot on 35mm Fujifilm Superia through Raphael Orlove’s Canon Eos Rebel X he graciously let me borrow, which he also recently used to take beautiful film photos of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia the office got to play with for a few days. Enjoy.


Correction: Ok so massive embarrassing update here, but this car just has the performance decals and not the actual performance parts, just in case you were interested in this specific car at this specific place. Sorry for the confusion. The headline has been altered.

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