Now before you get all riled up, the video below is a parody. The couple had a Tesla Model X for a 24-hour test drive. They thought it was cool, but couldn’t get over the price and ultimately gave it back. But it’s made me wonder something else: do you ever feel bad when people buy something they shouldn’t have?

This video comes from Eric B. Shanks, a well-known editor and producer, which explains how slick it is. And you might feel bad for their imagined situation here—or not.

Purchases like this happen more often than you’d think. Hell, take the Tesla Model 3 for example. Hundreds of thousands of people have put down cold, hard cash on a car that isn’t even completely designed yet. And despite the Model X’s disappointing sales and problematic, sometimes dangerous falcon doors, Tesla is not being overwhelmed with cancelations on those orders. Same with other automakers. Go to any luxury car dealer and you will find nice, expensive cars that were returned with only a few thousand miles on them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re spending $15,000 or $150,000 on a car—don’t be like the characters in this video. Do some research as to whether or not the car you like is going to work for you.