Do You, a Rich Dweeb, Wish to Purchase This $8.5 Million 'Car Man' NFT?

It's the automotive NFT opportunity of a lifetime. Please don't copy-paste it.

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Graphic: Car Man Logo Art NFT - Opensea (Fair Use)

Are you in possession of $8,458,650.00 — or, put another, more insufferable way, 5,000 Ethereum coins — and desperate to blow it all on a piece of clipart that’s both unsettling and aesthetically janky? My rich dweeb, do I have the item for you: The Car Man Logo Art NFT, available for you to buy right now on OpenSea.

Despite the fact that we’ve been talking about these things for what feels like forever, I’m still not entirely sure what an NFT is, or why someone would spend the equivalent of two Bugatti Chiron Pur Sports to acquire one. Especially one like this, which seems to portray... a guy, suffering an extreme case of Trumpet Mouth, who is also, impressionistically, a Volkswagen?


The auto industry has been trying its hand at NFTs for a bit now, with seemingly little success. Chevy offered an NFT that came with a free Corvette Z06 (the very first one built, in fact), and nobody bid on it. Nissan Canada did a similar thing with a GT-R NFT and a real GT-R, and at least someone bought that. Alfa Romeo tried what sounded like a semi-useful application, harnessing NFTs and the blockchain to keep track of the service records on the new Tonale SUV, a complexification of something dealers already do a fine job handling. As we know, NFT transactions require a ton of electricity (and thus, often generate a ton of pollution). At least one automotive NFT involved a Lamborghini ... which was summarily blown to pieces and sold as digital tokens.

I came across Car Man Logo Art NFT via this article about the most expensive car-themed NFTs ever sold. And our purple-ish wheeled dude up there is set to fetch a pretty penny. He was birthed into this digital world on February 12, 2022, and perhaps unsurprisingly, has found no bidders thus far.


How might you use your Car Man Logo Art NFT? Allow his current owner, Morabira Logo Designs NFT Collection, to explain:

Car Man Logo Art NFT for sale. Carman logo. Modern, simple and unique ready made car man cartoon character logo. This symbol is suitable for car dealer, advertising, marketing, campaign, vehicles rental and personal collections. The design conveys fun, happy, joy, cheers, funny, entertaining, excitement and passion. The mark itself will look nice as social media avatar and website or mobile icon. Vector or scalable file of the logo is provided in PDF format. Every purchase is not eligible for a refund.


The listing on OpenSea says Car Man Logo Art NFT will remain for sale until September 16. Definitely don’t try to save yourself $8.5 million by simply taking a screenshot. Doing so would mean you wouldn’t have access to the unexplained “unlockable content” you’ll get with purchase of Car Man Logo Art NFT!

Or, you could just open an ancient copy of Microsoft Word and find some vaguely automotive rights-free clipart. Your call, my rich dweeb.